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Having a beautiful website design is only part of the process of having an online presence.  Your website needs to be found online when potential customers are searching for your business, service or products.  We start the SEO website optimisation process with careful competition and keyword research to find your niche keyword phrases.  These chosen keywords will be implemented throughout your site using proven optimization techniques.  We can also register a search engine friendly domain name to further help your website optimisation for top ranking in Google.

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what is search engine optimisation ?

When an online search is performed a list of the most relevant websites is shown.  This relevance is determined by a number of factors including your website content and how popular your site is.  Google determines website popularity by how many relevant sites, including social media pages, link back to your website.  External links to your site are commonly referred to as 'Back-Links'.  How well your site ranks online typically determines how many website visitors you receive.  We conduct search engine optimisation for most of our clients' websites.

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Web Design Auckland will work with you to understand your business objectives, services and products.  Our main goal of search engine optimisation is to increase your online visibility and improve your search engine ranking so you can be found online and grow your business.  This is not an overnight success story, but an ongoing long term investment.

We aim to help your website rank higher than the competition and remain above your competitors' websites in online searches.  This involves off-site optimisation in the form of research and gaining back-links, as well as on-site optimisation with keyword implementation.

our website optimisation includes:

competition research - We research your top ranked competitors to find out why they are top ranked.

keyword research - We conduct keyword research online to find your best, most relevant keywords.

search engine copywriting - We will proof read your supplied website copy and edit it in line with our research to ensure that it is not only search engine friendly, but visitor friendly. 

seo titles & meta tags - We will create page titles throughout and meta tags such as page descriptions and alt tags (used to describe your images.

web traffic analytics - We will embed Google Analytics on all website pages for web traffic analysis.

google optimisation for speed - Google hates websites that are slow loading, so we minimise all coding to speed up your site.

search engine submission - We will submit your website to Google Search and submit your website to relevant high ranking external websites for those all important back-links.

monthly seo reports - We will provide monthly web traffic analysis reports to show how effective the optimisation is, or what areas need improvement.

ongoing website seo updates - We will regularly conduct ongoing competitor and keyword research in order to update your website content.

Ongoing SEO is important as search engines constantly crawl the web to re-index and rank websites. This means your online ranking will not be constant and your website will need ongoing optimisation in order to retain or gain online visibility.

Another factor that will impact your online Google rank is whether your website is responsive (mobile-friendly) and whether it is hosted securely on an encrypted server with a secure certificate.  Web Design Auckland will ensure that your website is not only responsive but is hosted securely and SSL certificates are updated as required.

" You are superstars and have delivered a product that is truly outstanding "

- Quail Lodge, luxury lodge Auckland
Quail Lodge ranks organically on Google page 1 in the first year.

what is organic search ranking ?

Organic search ranking is non-paid ranking.  Paid Google Ads appear at the top and bottom of the search results and organic ranking takes second place sandwiched between the sponsored ads and Google Places, which feature Google My Business pages that Google feels are the most relevant for the particular keyword phrase that is entered.

If your website is new or has a new domain name, you won't be ranked organically on Google for at least six months.  In this case we recommend a sponsored ad campaign is conducted for 6 months.  We have considerable experience in sponsored ppc advertising with Google Ads and social media advertising.

Check out our case study for our custom web design for Quail Lodge Auckland which ranks on Google page 1 for their chosen keywords.

our website design services.

Creative integrated services will give your business a competitive edge with a unique logo design, custom web design, SEO optimisation, stunning photography, digital marketing and secure affordable web hosting.  Check out our web design services below:

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