our logo design service.

Let us create a stunning logo design that promotes and aids public recognition of your company or service. We will collaborate with you in creating a unique logo design that will be noticed and memorable.

We start with a discussion about your colour and design preference.  We then give you a few concept logo designs as a starting point. We will work with you until you are totally happy with the finished design.

With years of graphic design experience in advertising agencies and design studios, we have the expertise to design a logo that will identify your business in its simplest, purest form - a logo you can be proud of.

Already have a logo design, but not one you're entirely happy with?  Sometimes it is possible to revamp it, so it is still recognisable as your brand.  We can work with your existing logo by refining it to create one that you are proud to call your own. 

need a logo design?

T A L K   T O   US

our logo design process.

1.  client consultation

2.  competition research

3.  logo design concepts

4.  logo design refinement

The consultation is where it begins ... We listen and assess the unique requirements of your business.  We research the competition to make sure we develop a great logo that will stand out, and then explore logo design ideas that are unique, but in line with your brand.  

We usually present several design concepts based on one or two themes.  Finally we make the adjustments that you would like to make to your chosen design and prepare it for web and print use.

After completion of the logo design, we will design and develop a custom website with photography, optimisation and web hosting. Business cards, stationery, brochures, posters, signage and social media complete the branding identity process that we offer.