why custom web design is more beneficial than using templates

Penny Dower Hunt, 15th June 2023


Why custom web design is more beneficial.

custom web design vs templates

When considering making a website for a new business, one of the choices you'll make is whether to use an existing template or have a unique site built from scratch. Both have their benefits. Using templates can be faster. However, the benefits of creating a custom site far outweigh the benefits of using a template. Allow us to share just a few of the reasons why.

what is custom web design?

Custom web design involves making a website from scratch using code. There are no pre-packaged graphics and templates involved. A website template only allows you to customize web pages within predefined limits. In contrast, custom web design gives you more control over every detail of the website design.

It takes a specific type of skill set to create a customized website. If your business doesn't have its own web developer, you will likely look to a digital marketing agency like Smile Media to create a custom website for you.

what is a template?

Website templates are pre-made web pages. Because of this, finishing the website would be faster, but you would have less control over how your site will turn out compared to custom web designing. However, they can be ideal for small businesses with low-budgets and cost less than a custom web design.

Templates can be easily customized with images, blogs and more. You can purchase thousands of website templates online that offer different designs and styles. However, with so many website templates floating around online, there are bound to be hiccups in the website design process. Not all website templates are of the same quality, and you may receive little to no support from the development team.

custom web design benefits:

Why custom web design is beneficial.

1. Keeps the website up to date

Websites are all about alluring the public and making them want to visit the site. This is precisely why so many people prefer using a custom web design. For the best results, the website needs to be revised and updated on a semi-regular basis. You'll need updated content, as well as revisions to reflect algorithmic changes like shifts in consumer behavior, preferences and updates to your branding.

By working with custom designs, you'd have an easy way to update the website code on the back end, ensuring the site remains contemporary and fresh. In contrast, working with a pre-existing template can often limit your ability to make notable revisions over time.

2. Makes a website design unique

The single best reason to go for a custom website design is that it allows you total control over the outcome and makes a site that is entirely unique according to your preferences. After all, you wouldn't use the same brand identity as another company, so why go for the same site design that everyone else can put into place? Using a custom web design, you can get a unique design that looks exactly as you want it to without being fenced in by the limitations of a preset template.

When using a template, there are chances that customers would experience confusion if a competitor has the same or similar template. However, by using a custom web design, you can ensure that your website looks truly one-of-a-kind. And it also ensures that your site is completely aligned with the rest of your branding, fitting seamlessly with your business' chosen aesthetic.

3. Comes with quality assurance

Something to keep in mind is that pre-made websites ( templates ) aren't tested on your company's unique web host or equipment. So, while they may work great on your designer's server, they may present some issues that are difficult to troubleshoot.

The website design team can create and test out the website in your working environment to discover potential complications and ensure it functions properly. They are also there to connect directly with your IT team to work through issues that may arise before you take the website live.

4. Comes with built-in scalability

Getting a custom website means you can scale your design as your business grows or if your marketing goal changes. Custom web designs are coded to handle high traffic. Well-made custom designs also use the best and most efficient methods to help you with search engine optimization and quality user experience.

5. Ongoing support

Templates have limited post-sales support. In many cases, the designers offering these are more focused on volume. This means you may not be able to depend on their help if the website fails to deploy correctly or has design errors.

Custom web designers provide active support for your changing needs. Security improvements, added features, and other updates keep your website adapting to the times, making it future-proofed.


Ultimately, the best way to ensure a high-quality, fully functional website aligned with your brand and marketing goals is to have it built from scratch by professional website designers. And although it requires a more significant investment compared to templates, the benefits you receive are well worth it.

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