8 YouTube subscriber giveaway ideas

James Thomas, 22 October 2023


Increase your YouTube subscribers with giveaways.

8 YouTube giveaway ideas to increase your subscribers

Want to run a successful YouTube (YT) subscriber giveaway to increase your YouTube subscribers? Try these 8 creative ideas.

1. Live stream

Hosting a proper giveaway needs a good budget. If you can’t afford that, you can give away something affordable, funny, and meaningful. For example, candles with realistic aromas, etc. This would be the best trick during events, celebrations and holidays like April Fools, Christmas, etc.

You can host a live stream. For instance, you can appear in a live stream as a superhero with a similar dress-up. You can ask the audience to select your superhero name and your great superpowers. Lucky winners will get exciting superhero-associated merch.

2. Subscribe to win contest

This is another YouTube subscriber giveaway idea to boost your YouTube presence. By organizing this contest, you are asking your potential viewers to subscribe to your YT channel and press the bell icon to participate in the contest and improve their chances of winning some amazing prizes.

When you host this contest, randomly choose any winner among all subscribers who subscribed during the contest period. Remember that many YouTubers are hosting this type of contest nowadays and most are fake as they never disclosed the winners’ names and the way they decide, which results in less engagement. Creating fake contests may end up losing the subscribers received from the contest.

Thus, be real while conducting this contest, and be sure that you follow a proper well-defined structure for selecting a winner. To create credibility for your contest and win your audience’s attention, try to announce winners while you’re going live.

3. Treat lucky subscribers

Your potential audience will love and praise you when you give away your valuable time and talent. Randomly select any lucky winner and serve them with a special lunch date with you. It does not necessarily need to be done weekly or monthly but whenever you wish to improve your connectivity and reliability with viewers.

8 YouTube subscriber contest giveaway ideas.

Note that, for hosting this giveaway, create a realistic winning prize. For example, an in-person meeting when you have multiple subscribers in your locality. While organizing this contest, clearly describe the eligibility criterion and contest rules. You may also include any disclaimer if required. Let your viewers know that you’ll pick a winner who gives the most creative answers.

4. Recommend the next guest

This would be the best giveaway to allow your viewers to suggest the next guest they wish to see on your talk show. You can conduct this contest in 2 ways – asking your viewers to vote for someone they would like to listen to your show from some given names, or asking them to suggest a guest for a particular topic you are going to cover in your next episode.

While organizing the contest by allowing viewers to vote for the next guest, you can make the best use of statistics to determine how much the audience is interested in seeing that person on your YouTube channel.

5. Suggest/Recommend topic contest

Understanding the audience requirements provides a direct path to reach to the potential viewers. If you want to create a video that wins viewers’ attention and engages them, ask your viewers to recommend the best topic for your next video in the comment section.

While hosting this contest, content creators ask their audience during live sessions or at the video end to recommend some new and more engaging content ideas. You can select an exceptional idea and create a video based on that. Declare winners in the video where you cover the suggested topic.

6. Exciting puzzle games

Make your viewers’ experience funny and exciting by adding some awesome games to your giveaway. Commenting to be a part of the contest is the best way to improve YouTube user engagement rate. To ease this giveaway idea, you can add some old but well-known games that can be easily understood by everyone.

Simplify the process and properly define the contest rules. There is a long list of classic games you can add to your giveaway. For example, a modified crossword game, and lots more. Just be sure the games you are adding seem interesting to the target audience.

8 YouTube subscriber contest giveaway ideas.

7. Add activities during YouTube live sessions

Most people on social media platforms are showing great interest in live sessions. While hosting your YouTube live sessions, you can ask your audience to perform some exciting activities to participate in the contest and declare winners at the end.

You can ask some related questions in the chatbox or ask your viewers to join the community. If you’re providing videos for any course, you can ask the audience to sign up for your specific course. Other activities you can add during YT live sessions include a subscription to your newsletter or following you on your other social media platforms. Adding such activities helps creators in keeping viewers engaged throughout the live session.

8. Allow your viewers to come forward

Conducting a contest like, ‘win a chance to get featured’ can bring more participants. This is beneficial when you are creating videos for self-development or better performance in personal & professional life.

People, who would like to put their ideas in front of other YouTube users or wish to share their life stories to motivate others, will surely participate in this contest. This will help you develop a good relationship with your audience and motivate viewers to keep doing the great work in their lives.

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