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Dive into our informative articles aimed to help small business websites, start-ups, entrepreneurs and web designers get a head start online with SEO, digital marketing and design tips.  Our articles cover a range of subjects including 'how much should web design cost in New Zealand' and 'how to write a request for a website proposal' to name just a couple.

Because of the ever increasing phishing email that is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and hard to detect, we thought it was high time we featured phishing in our online articles.  It covers the meaning of phishing, precautions to take, what not to do and what to do if you suspect you have been scammed.

A few of our articles, some of which are featured below, have recently been published on top ranking world renowned websites. Web Design Auckland has also recently received five star reviews on top global websites.

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How to find the best web design company in NZ

Web Design Auckland choosing a web designer

How to find the best web design company for your business is hard to find. You need to find a lot of website companies in Auckland New Zealand. And a place to start is with a Google Search ... read more

How to choose the best web designer

Web Design Auckland choosing a website designer

Creating your website can be a tricky process. Selecting the very best web designer for your website is essential. Structuring your website will certainly take time and a little homework ... read more

How much should Auckland web design cost

Web Design Auckland website design NZ cost

Instead of viewing your website as a cost, it really should be viewed as an investment for your business. It is therefor vital to make the right investment choice for a new website ... read more

How to write a request for a proposal

Web Design Auckland choosing a website designer

There is no need to be a skilled copywriter or go into lengthy descriptions. Your request for a proposal (RFP) should outline your goals and requirements clearly and concisely... read more

7 SEO tips to double your traffic in 2021

Web Design Auckland SEO website ranking tips

SEO (search engine optimizing) means optimizing the content of your website according to Google’s standards. With so many changes to their algorithms, you might miss something... read more

Phishing: what to do about email scam

Phishing email and what does phishing mean.

Scammers will contact thousands of people in the hope that a few 'fish' will be caught in their net. They often pose as legitimate organisations offering some sort of bargain... read more

SEO vs PPC for digital marketing strategy

SEO vs PPC - Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO and PPC are two of the most common forms of digital marketing in the world. They both offer a lot to growing businesses, but which is better you ask, SEO or PPC... read more

How to restore your business logo

SEO vs PPC - Digital Marketing Strategy

The first step is having a visually appealing business logo.  Having a professional logo design for your brand is one of the biggest visible aspects of your brand identity...
read more

How to control your advertising cost

SEO vs PPC - Digital Marketing Strategy

Are your advertising costs too high? You are not alone! This step into online advertising often poses a challenge for small and medium-sized businesses...
read more

How to develop SEO friendly websites

How To Develop SEO Friendly Websites

Learning how to develop SEO-friendly sites can be daunting - but with these simple steps, you'll be able to create your ideal website in no time...
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Do you really need AI for your website

Web Design Auckland AI for your website

Most people have unrealistic expectations for chatbots and AI.  Both users and businesses want a chatbot to behave like a human and solve questions quickly...
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7 Effective SEO website ranking tips

Web Design Auckland SEO website content tips

Don't expect the unstoppable trend in organic results on search results pages to ease. Like any good content marketer, Google focuses on its target audience... read in external website

Advertising agencies brand logo revamps

Web Design Auckland photography for digital marketing

Logo design is central to any effort of brand creation. It takes years to perfect a brand’s perception. Getting the logo right requires a whole lot of money, time, and creativity...  read in external website

Best 2021 stock photography websites

Web Design Auckland photography for digital marketing

A very important part of developing your website design and digital marketing is finding the right photography and graphic elements in harmony with your brand...
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Are tech salaries changing during the pandemic

Web Design Auckland photography for digital marketing

The demand for tech workers has increased significantly this year because of the pandemic. Technological innovation has been the theme of the Covid pandemic...
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How photography helps in digital marketing

Web Design Auckland photography for digital marketing

The rapid growth in the ability of smartphones and instant image sharing has put photography in digital marketing at the forefront of marketing strategies...
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Importance of Typography for logos

Web Design Auckland logo design typography

Typography is no less important than the design that brings life to a logo design and makes it eye-catching. It is not just about shape and colors...   
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