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Dive into our informative articles aimed to help small business websites, start-ups, entrepreneurs and web designers get a head start online with SEO, digital marketing and design tips.  Our articles cover a range of subjects including  'cybersecurity solutions for small businesses',  'how much should web design cost in New Zealand' and 'why you need a custom web design' to name just a few.

Because of the ever increasing phishing email that is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and hard to detect, we thought it was high time we featured phishing in our internet design articles.  It covers the meaning of phishing, precautions to take, what not to do and what to do if you suspect you have been scammed.

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How inclusive, responsive web design benefits your business

Inclusive responsive web design benefits your business.

Making a website design accessible to everyone is no easy task. And it requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and research. If you want to know how inclusive web design can benefit your business ... read more

Backlinks strategy: quality seo backlinks over quantity

Backlinks Strategy: Quality SEO backlinks over quantity.

Quality matters more than quantity, especially when you are building backlinks. That’s because Search Engines look at a number of factors when determining the quality of a backlink ... read more

6 creative social media boosting tactics you need to try

6 creative social media boosting tactics.

Nowadays, all businesses hope to increase their presence on social media. You need to be creative in your approach and come up with ways to differentiate yourself from your competition ... read more

6 best cyber security solutions for small businesses

6 best cybersecurity solutions for small businesses.

Cybercriminals target small businesses more than large corporations. Many small-scale companies have lost sensitive data over the years, so it's essential to increase your online security ... read more

7 benefits of CRM for your ecommerce business

Benefits of CRM for your eCommerce business.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help your business, whether you're a brand new eCommerce startup or a well-known company that has been in business for years ... read more

How often should you redesign your website?

Social Media Marketing: How it affects websites.

A good rule of thumb is to redesign your website every three years or so, because what was lovely to look at and aesthetically pleasing three years ago may not be the case today ... read more

Why your website needs a custom web design

Why you need a custom web design.

A custom web design is surprisingly affordable for a company, and that company collaborates with the web design experts to get a finished product that meets all their requirements ... read more

How social media marketing affects your website

Social Media Marketing: How it affects websites.

With the easy access to the internet and mobile phones, almost everyone can use social media and get themselves enlightened about the trends growing around ... read more

How to choose the best web development company

Choose the best web development company.

Websites that are professional and interactive enough to display your strategic services to customers need the skillful hands of the website designers and web developers ... read more

7 best SEO tools to increase your website growth

Best SEO tools to increase website growth.

Seeking organic traffic from search engines is crucial for any website ... read more

9 best SEO strategies to increase organic traffic

Best SEO strategies for increased organic traffic.

Our list of 9 proven SEO strategies will help increase your organic traffic ... read more

Is social media advertising good or bad?

Is social media advertising good or bad.

How can you tell if social media advertising is good or bad ... read more

5 small business website design mistakes to avoid

Small business website design mistakes to avoid.

5 small business website design mistakes you should try to avoid ... read more

6 major benefits of responsive web design

6 Major benefits of responsive web design.

Websites need to be accessible from many types of devices as possible ... read more

How to become a digital marketing pro

Web Design Auckland Digital Marketing and SEO.

If you want to become an outstanding digital marketing professional ... read more

How to rebrand your business in 2022

Convert website blog readers into customers.

We all know how crucial branding is for your startup brand ... read more

The advantages of having a great web design

Advantages of having a great web design.

You don’t have to be an expert in web design or know how to code ... read more

8 ways to convert blog readers into customers

Convert website blog readers into customers.

Your blog should have more quality traffic than your social media profiles ... read more

6 SEO strategy mistakes to avoid in 2022

6 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2022

How many of these SEO strategies are actually effective in 2022? ... read more

SEO techniques you should not avoid in 2022

SEO techniques for websites in 2022

Tips & techniques on how to avoid common SEO website mistakes ... read more